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Welcome to Cuppa Jozi

- We barista, bake, burger and bedazzle -

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Thanks for visiting us! At Cuppa Jozi, we're always keen to meet fellow Jozi dwellers and those who choose to visit this amazing city, whether for business or pleasure.

So hop in your car, risk a taxi ride or Uber your way over for your coffee fix. We're open really early, so we can get you ready for the day with a farmhouse breakfast or a healthier option if you're that way inclined!

Come in and check your e-mails prior to work, so you know in advance whether to rush to work or take the rest of the day off – deals are closed here daily (There seems to be exceptionally good karma at our tables)

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Get to know us

We're a bunch of fun loving, keen to please kind of folks with little to no pretence and great senses of humour (Although that's a bit hit or miss on Mondays…) We would love to know your names – not because we write them on the side of a cup

but because we like to greet you by name when you're back again! We barista, bake, burger and bedazzle with great coffee and delicious breakfasts and lunches, so come in and try us out – we'd love to meet you!

Contact Us

011 234 3260

Cuppa Jozi
Kinetic House
Corner Rivonia and North Roads